Fastest Growing PPI Company

Install Monster offers clients a unique combination of a marketing strategy with a
technology platform that introduces software users to new products which they
might be interested in. As new products are offered to existing software downloaders,
Install Monster gives advertisers access to a broader, targeted customer base –
a large percentage of who are bound to take advantage of what they have to offer.
This open market concept drives millions of software installations on a daily basis
while benefiting all parties involved.

No matter which kind of software it is that publishers offer, Install Monster assures that
their existence will be brought to the attention of customers. All the software applications
in our unique marketplace are screened and tested before they get offered to even one customer.
We also have a state-of-the-art installer which is designed to find the best possible
software offer for targeted users.

All in all, Install Monster aims to connect application developers, customers, advertisers and publishers in one easy-to-access network.
Each and every party benefits in such a way that goals can be easily met using the unique and truly effective system that we offer.


  • January

    10-50 installs per day

  • March

    20.000 installs per day

  • August

    350.000 installs per day

  • September

    1,2 million installs per day